Epulo cold pressed extra virgin 100% pure pumpkin seed oil (250ml)


Epulo cold pressed extra virgin 100% pure pumpkin seed oil (250ml)

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1.     Mother Nature surprises us every day with many delicious gifts such as the pervasive scent of pumpkin seeds, the lushness of viscous pumpkin oil and natural freshness. You can easily experience these qualities when you taste Epulo pumpkin oil which will turn every dinner table and virtually every occasion into a once-in-a-lifetime experience; a feast for the palate and a gastronomic festival. 


Pumpkin seeds used for the production of Epulo pumpkin oil are cultivated in a traditional way at small family agricultural estates that spread over small agricultural areas. Such a traditional method of pumpkin seeds cultivation and a careful processing of seeds guarantee a neutral, unique taste and oil that is plentiful in taste. 

Epulo pumpkin oils prepared for you with a lot of affection are not just an ideal spice for your dinner table, but they at the same time represent a perfect blend of nature, health and quality.


The family farm Marin Bašić produces hot pressed pumpkin seed oil (pure and mixed with 30% of sunflower oil), as well as cold pressed pumpkin seed oil. 

Hot pressed pumpkin seed oil is produced by warming the pumpkin seeds to a temperature of up to 120°C (248°F) followed by pressing of seeds. Cold pressed pumpkin oil is produced by mechanical pressing of pumpkin seeds while the temperature stays below 40°C (104°F). What follows is a natural sedimentation without filtering.


Epulo pumpkin seed oil is produced following a strict quality policy. As a final product it is extremely rich in vitamins A, B, C, E and K as well as minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorus.

Fresh oil contains over 60% of unsaturated fatty acids with the biggest percentage of linoleic acid (45%), oleic acid (25%) and palmitic and stearic acid (30%). Because of all of the mentioned reasons, pumpkin seed oil is extremely easy to digest.

Also, pumpkin seed oil is the best source of mega 3 and mega 6 fatty acids and it has outstanding antioxidant qualities.


Health benefits:

-        Beneficial effects on prostate

-        Anti-inflammatory effects on  the urinary tract

-        Reduces cholesterol levels

-        Boosts the immunity system

-        Positively affects eye health

-        Beneficial for intestinal flora

The secret of life contained in pumpkin seeds:

-        A concentrate of life energy

-        Unsaturated fatty acids

-        A plethora of minerals

-        Vitamins  A,E,C and K

-        Phosphorus (reduces cholesterol levels)  

-        Helps with prostate problems






Pumpkin seed oil has a unique lush taste filled with a special aroma. It is normally used as a seasoning for salads, as well as an unavoidable ingredient of vegetable, pasta and meat dishes.

It boasts with a vibrant color which makes it the number-one favorite for achieving various visual effects while decorating dishes.

It is an ideal supplement to vegetarian dishes and an obligatory delicacy at gourmet tables.


6.     ABOUT US

We are a small family farm counting with four members. We are located in the North of Croatia in a small baroque town of Varaždin.

Family business is run by a marital couple, Marin and Ana Bašić. Once upon a time when we were agronomy students and passionate nature lovers, we decided to start the production of pumpkin seed oil in order to familiarize people with this healthy food supplement and ensure that it gains the position at the market which it definitely deserves.

Marin is in charge of processing the seeds and producing oil, while Ana is the marketing wizard. Our youngest family members, Petar and Lucija are still too young to help us with the production, but their curiosity is what motivates us to keep on producing the oil. Our dream is to pass on our heritage to them, the gastronomical heritage that we seasoned with genuine affection.  Nothing could delight us more than being able to offer you an exceptional, natural and healthy product such as Epulo pumpkin seed oil.